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Event Platforms

Collaborate with GoLucid for Mutual Growth

Navigating the event technology space can be complex. At GoLucid, our mission is to simplify this journey by connecting the right Event Producers with the most suitable platforms. Here's our approach:

  • Build a Partnership

    Whether you have a pre-existing partner program or are exploring new collaborative avenues, we're on board to work closely with you.

  • Strategic Matching

    We diligently identify Event Producers whose needs align perfectly with your offerings, aiming for harmonious collaborations.

  • Informed Insight

    While we aim to deeply understand your platform's offerings, we're always mindful of boundaries, ensuring that the insights you share are safe.

  • Unbiased Approach

    Our broad engagement in the Event Technology realm allows us to remain objective, highlighting the unique strengths of your platform.


GoLucid is researching all Event Platforms


Partner with Us Today!

GoLucid works with event producers to identify the right tech stack for their lineup of events and services. We are currently curating the best data available on all segments of event technology.  Reach out to us today to become a GoLucid PARTNER.