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GoLucid is at Expo Expo!

Heading to Expo! Expo! in Dallas

In just one week, the GoLucid team will be at the heart of the action at Expo! Expo!, hosted by IAEE at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas. This annual event, taking place from December 5-7 this year, is a unique melting pot of industry professionals - from show managers and event planners to marketing gurus and industry suppliers.

Each year, Expo! Expo! chooses a new destination, bringing together a diverse group of professionals all looking to enhance their skills and knowledge. Whether it's about learning cutting-edge practices, planning to integrate exhibitions into future events, or delving deep into the industry landscape, this event promises to be a rich ground for learning and networking.


At GoLucid, we're particularly excited to connect with exhibitors and attendees alike. Our goal? To explore and uncover the emerging opportunities in event technology for 2024. Let's share insights, forge new connections, and set the stage for a year of innovation and collaboration.

See you in Dallas!