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Understanding the "Why" Behind Redefining Event Technology

When we talk about "Redefining Event Technology," the driving force behind this mission becomes apparent when considering the distinct needs of event producers and event platform companies.

Why is this redefinition crucial? For event producers, it's about navigating an often overwhelming sea of tech options to find tools that genuinely enhance event experiences. For event platforms, it's about clearly understanding their offerings in a competitive market and aligning with customer needs.

At GoLucid, our approach to addressing these pain points is multifaceted:

1. Active Research: We're committed to rigorously exploring and researching companies within the event technology sector, understanding their potential impact on the industry.
2. Defining Event Tech: Our goal is to provide a clear, structured understanding of what truly constitutes Event Technology, moving beyond the vague to the specific.
3. Fostering Partnerships: We believe in building meaningful relationships that deepen our understanding of products, their development paths, and strategies for adoption.
4. Criteria Establishment: Setting distinct, objective criteria to evaluate event platforms and their offerings is crucial for us to ensure quality and relevance.
5. Data as a Tool: We use data not merely as a collection of information but as a pivotal resource for effective matching, analysis, and measurement.
6. Empowering Producers: Our mission is to enable event producers to fully leverage a diverse range of products, services, and strategies, thereby enhancing their event experiences.

As GoLucid charts a course through the evolving landscape of Event Technology, we invite you to follow our progress.